Man’s best Friend – Horsforth based dog walkers

Oct 19, 2020

Dog grooming in Leeds

Mrs B’s is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Horsforth based dog walkers; Man’s Best Friend. Man’s Best Friend is run by ex serviceman Ross Barry and his gorgeous Working Cocker Bosco. MBF are canine first aid trained, security checked and fully insured. Services include group walks, solo walks, multiple daily walks, puppy visits, home visits, long walks, weekend walks, vet appointment transport and grooming appointment transport to Mrs B’s.

Your dog will be picked up in a custom built van that was designed by  Ross to provide the best possible care whilst travelling for the dogs.  Custom rattle proof cages are very large, have padded floors for  comfort, water bowls and fully lockable. A roof mounted electric fan  will keep your dog cool at all times plus the dividing wall from cab to  rear isn’t metal, its a vented wall so the air conditioning from the cab  will flow through, plus this allows inspection of the dogs at all  times. The outside of the van is full of photos of our current dogs and  we also have the private licence plate R8O MBF  (Ross 1980 Mans Best  Friend).

You can find out more by visiting or calling Ross on 07581 139 541.

Mel x

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